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VR Course - Our Dinosaur Era

Feb 3, 2018

Our Dinosaur Era has been launched on Oculus Gear Store.  In contains 3 episodes, guiding you to visit a musuem and see 7 different dinosaurs and back to the ancient time to interact with them too.

VR course - Our Solar System

Feb 3, 2018

Our Solar System has been launched on Oculus Gear store.  It contains 5 episodes, guiding you to see the born of our solar system and walk you through different planets.

VR course - Chemistry

Feb 3, 2018

A series of lessons that can help children to understand about the beauty of chemistry and learn basic knowledge of chemistry.


Feb 3, 2018

VRMaker is a Wiindows software that can easily help users to create VR content even without any coding experience.

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